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The company Webdevelopers4u.gr, hereinafter referred to as Webdevelopers4u.gr®, is fully harmonized and compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GPA). The role of Webdevelopers4u.gr® is that of the controller and executor of the data collected both through the website and through your electronic or telephone communication.


What kind of information do we collect?


When sending a message through the contact form of the site webdevelopers4u.website, the user must enter certain personal information, such as: Name, Surname, telephone, e-mail address (e-mail) etc. Personal information can also be requested for acess to some of the services of webdevelopers4u.website.


What is the use of the information we collect?


The information stated in the above cases is not disclosed to third parties and in no way is it made public or exploited in any way. This information shall be used only to the extent deemed absolutely necessary for:

fulfillment of the terms and obligations of the individual services, provided by webdevelopers4u.website to its users,

user information support,

selection of content offered to users to be relevant to their general preferences,

Satisfaction of the respective requirements of the users regarding the services of webdevelopers4u.gr.gr,

informing them about new services,

service of the smooth operation of the site.

communication of webdevelopers4u.website  with its visitors

As an exception, webdevelopers4u.gr.gr may disclose the personal information of its users in the following cases:

Has the explicit consent of users for the disclosure of their personal information in any way,

The disclosure is made to third parties natural or legal persons with which webdevelopers4u.gr.gr cooperates and only to the extent that is absolutely necessary for the provision of the respective service by webdevelopers4u.gr.gr,

If required by law, court decision or requested by any other state or regulatory authority.


Correction – deletion of personal data

Webdevelopers4u.website  allows users to request the deletion of any personal data and information by sending a request (see contact). Webdevelopers4u.gr will respond promptly and within the estimated time of one (1) month to resolve the issue.

IP Addresses

The IP address is determined by the connection provider (Internet Provider) through which the user’s PC has access to the Internet, therefore on the pages of webdevelopers4u.website. The IP address is kept for technical reasons and for security reasons of its systems webdevelopers4u.gr.gr (server, database, network, etc.) and is used exclusively for the collection of statistical data.

The IP access address of the user to the pages of webdevelopers4u.gr.gr can be disclosed, if requested – in accordance with the procedure provided by law – by the competent police or judicial authorities or other state authorities.


Webdevelopers4u.website uses cookies for the proper appearance and operation of the website and the services provided. Third party cookies are also used to collect statistics and the ability to display advertising messages to customers or those interested in our services. They are not linked to personal data or any user profile. In all cases you can delete the cookies from your browser for your disconnection with webdevelopers4u.website



For any clarification or additional information you can contact the Technical Department of webdevelopers4u.website via e-mail or telephone (see contact).